Everyone should have someone they can call “My Mac Tech”

I'm Chris Hart, Technology and Computer Consultant and I
want to fulfill that role for you. I offer what I like to call
personalized technical support.”

That means you'll always be working with me and enjoying the
consistency of a professional relationship in which I know your
equipment, your business, and how you like to get things done.

I have 18 years of experience helping people be productive with
their Mac computers. Ranging from one person working out
of their house, to small firms, to international corporations.

My on-site service means I can free you from hauling your Mac into
the chaos of The Apple Store. And no matter how old your Mac is,
I can get you running smoothly again.

I provide on-site service to all of Connecticut, as well as
Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York. Plus, I can control
any computer in the world (via the internet), so that I can
assist you no matter where you are.

Call Me Now at 860-291-9393